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The Solar cars can use solar power in the umbrella of the moon the Apollo 16 spacecraft.

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Q: Why would a solar powered car work on the moon?
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Would a solar powered heating unit work on the moon?

A solar powered heating unit may or may not work on the moon

Would a solar powered device work on the moon?

Yes, solar power reaches the moon.

You took a car to the moon would it work?

Yes it would if it was solar powered car.

Would a solar-powered receiver transmitter work on the moon?

As long as the solar cells powering the transceiver (transmitter/receiver), that device should work on the moon.

Would a solar powered portable heating unit work on the moon?

lots of poop in toilet

Does a solar powered heater work on the dark side of the moon?


Does a solar powered FM Receiver work on the moon?

All you would hear is fuzz because even though it would be powered (the moon receives sunlight) it wouldn't pick up any radio stations.

Will a solar powered FM receiver transmitter work on the moon?

yes it could

Does a solar powered FM Transmitter work on the moon?

Yes, It does. You must remember that the light of the sun reaches there and this allows it to work. Otherwise any factor of the moon does not prevent it from working

A solar powered boat would work?

Depens on how many hours of sun it gets, on how much you want to drive it, and for how long/fast you want it to go. A solar powered speed boat - no. A solar powered commercial ferry - no. A solar powered dinghy for some casual fishing - sure.

How solar powered things work?

Solar powered things work when they reflect off the sun. For example, if you have solar power energy it reflects off the sun making energy and then you can use it.

Would a solar panel work on the moon?

only on the side facing the sun

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