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It only rains meteors on the moon. Try stopping a meteor with an umbrella.

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Q: Why would it be pointless taking an umbrella to the moon?
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Do you need an umbrella on the moon?

The moon doesn't have clouds. So there is no rain

Would you need an umbrella on the moon?

Seeing that there is no precipitation on the moon, the answer is no. ______________________________ However, it might be useful as a parasol at protecting you from the intense light of the Sun. :-)

What happens to earth if the moon is pulled away by the sun?

It can't happen, so it would be pointless to worry about it.

Is the number 4 real fake on the moon and in his face?

what a pointless question, the number four is real, it is fake, it is on the moon, and it is not in his face, it is in yours.

What things you take with us for going on the moon?

umbrella,clothes,oxgene gas

Why is it so hard to breathe on the moon but easy to ride a bicycle?

First of, no one really knows if it would be easy to ride a bike on the moon or not, as it hasn't been tested. But I'm guessing that the requested answer is that the moon has no atmosphere, hence no air drag. No air drag AKA wind resistance, would make riding at speed a lot easier. But with no air, breathing gets kinda pointless.

What is the doghouse for in harvest moon magical melody?

Your dog should go in it on a rainy day, but if your house is to big, he won't fit. Taking your dog outside is pretty much pointless because it won't make his hearts go up any faster. Hope this helped!

How many ladders would it take to reach the moon?

The practicalities aside, it obviously depends on the length of the ladders. Taking a typical "home" ladder of 4m and a mean distance of 385,000km to the Moon, you would need about 96,250,000 ladders.

What were the astronauts looking for on the moon?

The astronauts were collecting moon rocks and taking pictures as well.

What would happen to the lunar phases if the moon stopped revolving?

The Moon slowly rotates (taking about 28 days) while it orbits round the Earth. This means that we see the same side of the Moon from Earth. Therefore, if the rotation ceased, I believe we would see all sides of the Moon in turn as it continues to orbit the Earth. Also, the lunar phases would still depend on the position of the Earth and Moon in relation to the Sun, so I wouldn't expect the phases to change. I remember the excitement some years ago, when a rocket was sent round the far side of the Moon that we can't view from Earth, taking many photographs.

What the moon lander does?

The moon lander manages the data bases of NASA after taking readings at the site

How would be the life on moon would be like?

life would moon be on life on moon