Boys wearing bras

Updated: 9/27/2023
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IT doesn't mean their gay some ppl do it for fun and some do it to experience eat it feels like to wear girl things trust I've seen it a lot of times it's crazy but it's cute sometimes but sometimes they take it to far it's cool wot me to see that I don't trip as long u don't run up on me I'm str8

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I feel like they should wear them so they don't show their breasts in public, and have every non-self-respecting boy coming over and asking them of they want to have sex. Of corse I think that if a girl is comfortable with it, they could not wear a bra at home.

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Q: Boys wearing bras
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Do boys wear bras and panties and why?

No, they don't need to because they have underwear of their own. Sometimes, if the boy feels like wearing one.

Can boys where bras?

They could but there is no necessity for it

What sizes bras is Katy perry wearing?


Should your son wear a bra?

In general, boys are no encouraged to wear bras. If he is interested in wearing a bra or if he is uncomfortable when working out because of a larger chest, then you and your son should consider it.

What is wrong with under wired bras?

If you have just started wearing bras at a young age i guess it is better and is less painful.

Why girls are wearing cup shaped bras?

It is logic for girls to wear cup shaped bras to cope with shape of their breasts.

Is it normal to start wearing training bras at 9?

yes, some girls start wearing them when they are 7

Do observant Muslims wear bras?

Observant Muslim women wear bras, but they do not expose their cleavage. They do this by wearing shirts with high necklines.

Why are bras so uncomfertable?

Because most women are not wearing their proper size. It's best to get fitted by a professional - when you are wearing the correct size, most bras are more comfortable and help clothes look better.

When do girls need bras?

I would said ages 9-12 is when they should start wearing bras. It is a personal preference and what there parents think is appropriate.

What size breasts benefit from wearing underwired bras?

Underwired bras give more support and for your size, I think you should. Age doesn't matter when it comes to bras, only size and comfort. :D

Do boys like girls who wear bras?

Some boys do because it makes you look like you have big boobs.