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Q: What was Benoit Mandelbrot families names?
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Where were fractals discovered?

Fractals were discovered in 1975 by a scientist names Benoit Mandelbrot.

Who was Benoit Mandelbrot?

he is a french mathmatician.

What did Benoit Mandelbrot do?

tae ang tae

When did Benoit Mandelbrot create fractals?


What word did benoit b mandelbrot coin?


Benoit Mandelbrot discovered what mathematical structures?


Which mathematician was a pioneer in the study of fractals?

Benoit Mandelbrot

Did Benoit Mandelbrot have children?

Yes, two sons.

Which mathematician was a pioneer in the study fractals?

Benoit Mandelbrot

Who are the children of Benoit Mandelbrot?

lou mandlebrot and johnothon

Who was the mathematician best known for developing fractal geometry?

Benoit Mandelbrot

What is a mandelbrot set in regards to mathematics?

A Mandelbrot set is a mathematical set. Its boundaries are two-dimensional, easy recognizable fractal shapes. It is named after Benoit Mandelbrot, a Polish-born mathematician.