What you think drafting people means?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: What you think drafting people means?
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When the army forces people to be soldiers it means?

drafting Conscription is the more common term

What does drafting mean in Engineering Drawing?

Drafting means actually drawing the drawing.

What does Drafting means in writing form?

Drafting - is preparing an initial copy of a document.

What does While drafting the Declaration mean?

"while drafting" most likely means while writing. Drafting is a term that refers to the process of writing and editing.

Forcing people into military service?

It is conscription (or drafting).

What are the major kinds of drafting?

Aircraft Drafting Ship Drafting/ Naval Drafting Structural Drafting SheetMetal Drafting Furniture Drafting Architectural Drafting Machine/ Mechanical Drafting Electronics / Electrical Drafting Topographical Drafting

What problems did the founding fathers have in drafting the constitution?

I might be wrong but, I think that it was because people were forced to serve in the war based on there birthday. That lead people in the war not to want to really fight.

Who could lead me in the right direction, if a drafting table is right for me?

Drafting tables can be used by people who are not mechanical engineers. You can adjust the height on drafting tables, so once set up, they can be used by anyone.

Drafting age during the Vietnam war?

i think it was 16 i am not positive but i think

What do you mean by DXF file?

In computer-aided drafting, it means Drawing Exchange Format

Which phrase best defines observation?

Noticing and describing

What is meant when one says they are performing computer aided drafting?

When a person says that they are performing computer aided drafting it means that they are using a computer system to create, modify, or optimize a design.