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Neither is a strong and stable person.

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Q: Which is a strong and stable person Achilles heel or quisling?
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What is a a strong stable person called?

Rock of Gibraltar (A+)

What term fits this definition a strong stable person?

my mom

What word or phrase means a strong stable person?

rock of gibraltar

What shall you do if you have Achilles heel?

An "Achilles heel" is a weakness in a person who is otherwise quite strong or capable. Thus, when one has identified one's own "Achilles heel," one does well to work to improve it or at least to conceal it so that others are not able to take advantage of it.

What term would best fit the definition a strong stable person?


Was Achilles a strong swordsman?

He had to be, though the principal weapon was the spear.

What were Achilles power?

He was super strong, fast, and a alot of stanima

What is one figure in Greek-Roman myth that has remained in modern culture?

There are many figures in Greco-Roman myths that remain with us, such as Hercules, a nickname for someone physically strong, Achilles, a connotation of a person's weak spot, his Achilles heel, and Venus, for an attractive girl/woman.

Is the Achilles tendon bone or cartilage?

The Achilles tendon is neither bone nor cartilage; it is a strong fibrous band of tissue that connects the calf muscles to the heel bone.

Does running cause damage to the Achilles tendon?

In short, No. If properly stretched and strengthened, the Achilles tendons are extremely strong and designed to take the repetitiveness of walking and running for years on end.

What are some of Achilles strengths?

- Achilles was dipped into the water of sytax by his mother, becoming immortal everywhere except for the heel his mother held him by - the water from the sytax didn't touch Achilles' right heel - Achilles was able to run fast enough to catch deer and strong enough to kill lions at age 6 YOUR WELCOME

What is a synonym for stern?