Which members have the WIT Alumni badge?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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WIT Alumni badges are issued to WIT members once they reach 19 years of age. The badges can also be issued to WIT members in good standing who decide to retire or move on from the program.

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Q: Which members have the WIT Alumni badge?
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What happens to WIT members when they turn 18 and don't want to leave?

If you want to keep participating in WIT, we would love to have you!! We certainly are not going to kick you out. :-) The WIT Program is currently open to teens between the ages of 13-18. Neila222, the WIT Coordinator, gives everyone missions based on their individual interests. Members receive prizes and reward badges for completing missions. Once you reach age 19, you will receive a WIT Alumni badge on your profile page. If you are still interested in working on WIT missions after that, then you most definitely can.

Do you get a badge if you finish a mission on WIT Program?

When you join WIT, you get a badge on your profile page displaying your WIT division. Upon completing 25 WIT missions, you receive a reward badge for your profile page. You receive additional reward badges after completing 50 and 100 WIT missions.

Do you keep your old WIT Badge even if you sign up for another Division?

No. You can only be a member of one WIT division at a time. If you decide you want to switch to a different division, then your old badge will be removed, and a badge for the new WIT division will be placed on your profile page.

Do you get you Wiki Influential Teens badge taken away when you get to be an adult?

If you continue to participate in WIT once you have passed the age of 18, your WIT badge will not be removed. Your badge is only removed if you stop participating in the program.

Who is a WIT warrior?

Wiki Influential Teens, "WIT Warrior". This WIT Division will consist of members who wish to focus on new categories or unsupervised categories. Tasks include seeding new questions, recategorizing questions, and cleaning up unsupervised categories. WIT Warriors are any user with a Warrior badge on their profile.

When was The Special Project Assistants Active Alumni Badge implemented?

The Special Project Assistants Active Alumni was started on December 20, 2011 and that is when the badges were starting to be given out.

Who is permitted to have iaff cross on your vehicle?

IAFF union members IAFF Alumni Family members.

Who is in WIT?

You can find a complete list of WIT members by clicking on the Related Link below.

How do you get more badges on WikiAnswers?

To get more badges, you must join more programs (you must be at least 13 to join a program). If you join WIT, you get a special WIT badge on your Bio Page. If you join the WikiReviewers, then you get a WikiReviewer badge, and so forth. It's all about the programs!

What is the difference between a WIT Supervisor and a WIT Adult Advisor?

WIT Supervisors and WIT Adult Advisors are a part of the Wiki Influential Teens program here on Answers. They both have the same badge, but their roles are very different.WIT Supervisor Adult Advisors (also known as WIT Staff or WIT Supervisors)These are the program staff. They are responsible for a number of things:Managing and maintaining the WIT webpageManaging and maintaining the WIT membersManaging and maintaining the WIT social network pagesManaging and maintaining the secure database containing WIT member detailsManaging and maintaining the WIT forumCheck missions have been completed accuratelyReject and re-assign missions that are improperly completedAccept and pass missions that are properly completedAssess whether WIT members are eligible to receive a gift from the programAttend a weekly meeting to discuss progress, changes, ideas and initiativesProvide assistance to WIT membersMentor WIT membersScout WIT members for potential TIP membership opportunitiesScout Answers activity of potential new WIT membersThey have additional powers and tools to enable them to perform their roles as WIT staff members. The WIT Supervisor Adult Advisors (WIT Staff) are:Zapallar (Leader)Xnicola (Senior Advanced Supervisor / Senior Mentor)Skullcandy88 (Advanced Supervisor / Senior Mentor)WIT Volunteer Adult AdvisorsThese are volunteers that assist with the program by:Providing assistance to WIT membersPerforming tasks requested by WIT Staff (sending messages, etc)They do not have additional powers or tools nor any managing positions/abilities. The WIT Volunteer Adult Advisors are:Ireen22Techie2013

How many members are in the WIT program on WikiAnswers?

There are an estimated 300 WIT members currently on WikiAnswers. Since the WIT Program began in 2008, there have been more than 1000 teens who have gone through the program.

How do you get the kanoka club badge on my Lego network?

Members of the Kanoka Club get this old school infected Kanohi badge. To get this badge, you needed to have the Kanoka Club Badge on your old Club Page. Whenua sends you the blueprint for this badge.