Who has more fashion boys or girls?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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girls have more fashion because girls have over a million dresses and boys have a couple of tuxedos to chose from.Also boys cant wear skirts{only in irland]and boys cant wear dresses and girls can.Boys have to wear the same thing every day pants and a shirt.

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Q: Who has more fashion boys or girls?
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Why can't boys learn fashion?

This is not true. All people know fashion, even boys. The difference between boys and girls knowing fashion is girls know fashion more. Boys have harder and more occupations than girls, which only shop and do some other easy occupations. But sometimes it is hard because the bigger the house, the harder it is to clean.

Is the game fashion fantasy game for boys or girls?

To be honest, I think it's for everyone. Fashion is for everyone. So yes it is for boys and girls :]

What girls fight about?

Boys Fashion Makeup

Do girls shop more?

Yes, girls shop more than boys in general. They are likely to express fashion freely by shopping new clothes and etc.AnswerYes. They do.

Why do boys go into math and science careers more than girls?

cause girls think it's too much work. and perhaps they are more interested in fashion and such.

There is more boys or girls?

there are more boys in the world acording to the govament there is 3248080000 boys and there is 3214983000 girls (\___/) (='.'=) ('')-('')

Who has more hair girls or boyS?

Boys. Girls have more hair's than Boys!

Why are girls more into fashion then boys?

Societal norms and stereotypes often dictate that girls should be more interested in fashion and appearance, while boys should focus on other interests. However, it's important to recognize that individuals of any gender can have varying degrees of interest in fashion, and these differences are not inherent to one gender over another.

Who spend more money girls or boys?

undoutedly, girls spend more money than boys.

Are there more girls than boys in 2012?

their are more girls than boys

What is kids fashion?

separtes for girls and boys from 3 to 12 years old.

What is new secret codes on pixie hollow?

it is fashion for girls and style for boys