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Your best bet is to go to the Patron Saint Index at this link and explore the various saints named Jacob or Jacobo and pick which you prefer to be your patron.

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Q: Your name is Jacob so who is your patron saint?
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Is Saint Zygmunt Szczesny Felinski a patron saint?

Saint Zygmunt Szczesny Felinskiis not currently shown as having any patronages.

What is Saint Carmen the patron saint of?

she is not a saint yet, so it is impossible for her to be a patron saint

Who is the patron saint of lazy people?

There is no patron saint of lazy people so get busy!

Is Saint Marissa the patron saint of dance?

Roman Catholic AnswerThere is no Saint Marissa as such, so no, she is not the patron saint of dance, or anything else. One could say that the name was a form of Maria which is Mary, the Mother of God. But, again, the Blessed Virgin Mary is not the patron saint of dance.

Why should a person choose a name for confirmation?

When you were baptized your parents chose your name and patron saint. You had no choice in the matter. Now, as a young adult you have the opportunity to choose a saint you wish as a special patron, someone you can emulate and use as a protector and role model..

Who is the patron saint of makeup?

Vanity is a sin, so I cannot imagine it has a Patron Saint.

What patron is Saint Patrick named after?

Patrick was given the name 'Patricius' by Pope Celestine I before he left for Ireland and Britain as a bishop and missionary. It was a fairly common name in the Roman Empire. Patrick, as far as we know, was the first saint to have that name so he had no patron saint at the time.

Why does the church choose a saint as their patron saint?

They choose a patron saint so that their parish will come under the protection of that particular saint and to give honor to that saint

What is St. Appllonaris a patron saint of?

There is no Saint Appllonaris. If you meant Apollinaris, there are several saints by that name so you will need to be more specific.

Why do so many hospitals include the name Saint Luke?

St. Luke is thought to have been a physician and is a patron saint of physicians.

Who is the patron saint of commitment?

All the saints showed commitment so there is no particular saint designated as a patron.

What patron saint do you pray to so a friend can realize a wish?

There is no designated patron of wishes but you might try praying to the friend's patron saint.