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Q: Base records managers may delegate file plan approval to?
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Who can the Base Records Manager delegate approval authority of a file plan to?

The FARM (Functional Area Records Manager).

Who works with record professionals base records managersfunctional are records managers and records custodians to ensure the right people have the right access to official records?

Client Support Administrators

What is the importance of MIS for tourism industry?

To maintain records into a data base for future planning. To make managers aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their management systems.

What are base records managers responsibilities?

Including ERM requirements in the SAV program Incorporating ERM principles in local RM training courses establishing local procedures for managing electronic records establishing local procedures for electronic records storage

What are the Base Records Managers BRMs other electronic records keeping responsibilities besides providing ERM assistance to farms and base agencies and ERM requirements in the SAV program?

incorporating ERM principles in local RM training courses,establishing local procedures for electronic records storage,providing ERM assistance to FARMs and base agenciesestablishing local proceduresincorporationg erm principlesproviding erm assistance to farms

Who is generally the approval authority for establishing a base website?

the wing commander

What can you get by mixing records between FireRed and Emerald?

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What is the air force records management hierarchy from bottom to top?

Records Custodian -> Action Officer -> Chief of Office of Record -> Base Records Manager -> Functional Area Records Manager -> Command or Agency Records Manager -> Air Force Records Officer

What allows managers and decision makers to perform quantitative analysis on both internal and external data?

Model Base

How do i find a friend's secret base in Pokemon emerald?

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What does the suffix of authorised indicate about the words meaning?

The suffix "-ised" in "authorised" indicates that the action of granting permission or approval has taken place. It transforms the base word "author" into a verb form that signifies official approval or empowerment.

What are the base records manager functional area records manager and records custodian responsibilities?

The BRM provides the FARM name to NCC. The FARM creates folders for each Office of Records with in the functional area. The RC creates folders for offices of records under their purview.