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Q: Is this a new position or are you replacing someone?
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What is supersede translation in tagalog?

"Supersede" in Tagalog can be translated as "paglabag" or "pagsalungat." It refers to replacing someone or something in a position of authority or importance.

Can your company hire someone new to fill your current position?

Of course they can.

What does position?

Position means a place of witch someone works in or is standing ex. I am standing in a very uncomfortable position or I got a new position at work today.

What do you call someone who helps a new worker to learn a new position?

A person who helps a new worker learn a new position may be called a trainer, or, with a broader kind of help, a mentor.

What does a new broom sweeps clean mean?

The phrase "a new broom sweeps clean" means that when someone new takes over a job or position, they will often make a lot of changes and improvements. However, it also implies that this initial burst of productivity may not last.

Why don't backup lights work on 1966 mustang after replacing neutral safety switch?

Even after replacing the switch it needs to be aligned with the shifter. Put the car in reverse and then have someone watch the lights as you loosen the switch and then rotate it slightly forward or backwards. once the lights come on, secure it in position.

What causes lock cylinder to stay in start position?

It is defective and needs replacing.

Truck will no start its a 1996 ford powerstroke i have changed the fuel filter and the camshaft position sensor and put new baterys in it and a new starter it acts like it want to run but dies?

Try replacing the fuel pump.

What does replacing mean?

It means when your forcing someone to do something.

Where can someone find information about replacing a Caravan heater?

If someone needs information about replacing a caravan heater, can be found on the Camping and Caravnning Club website, a website dedicated to caravans.

How to replace window motor in gmc safari?

when replacing motor what position does the window need to be in?

What is it called to expel someone from a position?

To expel someone from a position is commonly referred to as "removal" or "dismissal."