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You can't really. It's like comparing apples and Pears.

MP3 is a recording of raw sound. A mus is a music file where the only things stored in the file are trigger data. This means that the file only knows when which instrument plays, how it plays and so on.

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Q: How do you convert MP3 to mus file?
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How can you convert a gp5 file to mp3 file?

Just Export as MIDI file.. Then, convert MIDI file to Mp3 file.

How do you convert a .mix file to a .mp3 file?

To convert a .mix file to a .mp3 file, load your mix and select the option to Load or Save. Select Export Mix and choose the .MP3 file extension. Press the Save button.

What is the best free program on the internet that would allow a person to convert a file from wav to mp3?

Convert Files is one of the best online file converts for converting a wav file into an mp3 file. Using the website and giving it your wav file, it will convert it into an mp3 file in a matter of seconds.

How do you convert sps to mp3?

.SPS is a graphic file, not an audio file. It cannot be converted to an MP3.

What does MP3 do to the data in a music file?

MP3 actually modifies the music file to convert them and make them compatible to MP3 compatible devices

How can you convert JPEG file to mp3 format?

You can't a .JPEG is a photo or image file while a .MP3 is a music or audio file.

How can I convert a wav to mp3?

Well, I would recommend converting wav files to mp3 files with a wav file to mp3 file converter. There are many wav file to mp3 file converters offered for use.

How do you convert a wpl music file into a mp3 music file?


Can itunes songs be downloaded onto an mp3?

Yes, they can as long as you manually place the file into the mp3. Also you have to convert the file you downloaded into mp3 format.

How can you convert mp3 file to flp format for accessing with fruity loops 8 demo version or have any other solutions to import mp3 songs to fl 8 files?

You cannot convert a mp3 file into a flp file. But maybe in your fruityloops project, you can import a mp3. If not, convert the mp3 into a .wav file. I haven't used Floops in years, I use Cubase now. Try inporting the audio file. Let me know if that helped.

How do you change a M4A file to a MP3 file?

Did you try the software : MP4converter? It should work to convert your mp4 into mp3 music

Can you convert an mpga file to mp3?

.mpga essentialy is an .mp3 file, with a different extension, so converting is pointless. Try simply renaming it to .mp3, and then try playing it.