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It is the tv that has the set code. Then you need to program the remote to that. Google the manufacturer and make.

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Q: What is the Magnavox US2-MG3S universal remote control code for a Sanyo tv?
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What is the romote code for a Magnavox tb100mg9 converter box?

The code to program a Magnavox TB110MW9 with a universal remote control can be found in the manual for the remote. Look in the manual for the Magnavox brand STB code, or use the Sylvania brand STB code.

What universal remote work with a magnavox tb110mw9 converter box?


What is Magnavox DVD Player dp100mw8b remote code on a GE Universal Remote?

2002 Worked Perfectly!

Which TV console is best for a large screen plasma TV and DVD collection?

Following are some of the top brands to universal remote controls which can work for both TV and Bose equipments. Universal Remote Control for RCA, GE, Sony, Magnavox, Phillips, Zenith, and most major brands ,One For All DirecTV RC64RBK Universal Remote Control with Wireless Antenna ,Philips 6-Component Universal Learning Remote Control and Logitech Harmony One 915000035 Universal Remote

What is the remote code for a Magnavox on a RCA remote?

Here are some codes I found online but none seem to work for my remote. Codes for Magnavox TV when using RCA Universal Remote: 006,007,010,011,013,016,027,033,035,043,066,087,089

Get the codes for a ge universalremoteRC24912-D1734?

get ge universal remote codes for tv Philip magnavox

How do I program my Magnavox universal remote to work with my tv?

The steps below can assist you in programming the remote to your Magnavox TV or any other TV with our DISH remotes. Addressing Remote to TV: 1.) Press and hold the clear TV button until all mode lights light up. 2.) Release and TV light will be blinking. 3.) Enter code and press #. The TV button should flash 3 times. 4.) Try functions (Volume, Power, etc..) and see if it is working. 5.) If no function, repeat steps 1-4 with another code.

What is universal remote control code for air-con?

What is universal remote control code for air-con?

What is the universal remote code for a Philco TB100HH9 digital converter box?

Found a solution that works well... I picked up a Sony RM-VL600 universal remote with learning capability. With this unit, I've been able to program all the functions of the TB100MW9 DTV Converter box. I picked up this unit at Walmart for $25, but have seen it on Amazon for as little as $16. This remote is a vast improvement over the remote that comes with the Magnavox DTV converter, and was easy to program. Found another solution.... after tinkering with the Philips universal remote for an hour, i finally found a code that can control the magnavox converter. the code is 0759. the Philips remote i have is SRU3006/27 but it might work for any Philips universal remote. the remote itself cost me about 15 dollars. if you call Philips or magnavox they would say none of the remotes can operate the converter.they obviously didn't know their own product...

Does a universal remote work for magnavox dtv converter model number tb100mg9?

Most universal remote controls will handle most devices. However, there are many different universal remote controls so it's important to ask the question about each model. If a supplier can't give you a definitive answer, then make sure you have an option to return it if it doesn't perform as you expect. There are two options for universal remote set up. One uses lists of remote control codes that can be selected on the hand control to configure it. The other is able to learn control codes from existing hand controls. For the less common equipment, the learning remote control is often a better choice as it doesn't rely on the manufacturer to have your device listed.

What codes work on the sentry really big universal remote for a magnavox TV?

Here is a list of the codes for the magnavox 021, 022, 062, 063, 104, 108, 124

What is the code for a Magnavox remote to program Magnavox box?