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Both types display the HDTV format which has much higher resolution and clarity than the old NTSC format.

LCD and plasma are two different types of display. Plasma screens are more expensive to buy and maintain. LCD screens have a backlight that has to be replaced when it blows out. Plasma screens, if they fail, generally have to be replaced completely. Quality varies widely so shop around before committing your dollars.

Wide-screen is another question. Movies are displayed much wider than the old NTSC TV format. New TVs have lots of wide formats. A lot of new formats seem to be cropping up. Is HDTV a widescreen format? I think it is but am not sure.

The above used to be true. A comparable size/ resolution Plasma will often be less expensive than it's LCD counterpart. Plasma and LCD are both going to be more cost effective to replace than to repair.

HDTV is by definition broadcast in widescreen. When watching a TV show that is in HD it should fill your TV completely. With movies or blu-ray discs there are two different widescreen formats: 1:1.85 and 1:2.41. The first is the 16:9 format that will fit your widescreen TV, the second is used for movie theaters' formatting. Most blu-ray discs will keep the original aspect ratio so it is normal to see black bars on the top and bottom of your screen.

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A plasma TV is what is known as an emissive technology. Each pixel is like a tiny picture tube TV. They are coated with phosphor and glow when electricity is applied. Each pixel has a minute amount of plasma gas in them. The picture comes right off of the surface of the screen. Contrary to the many myths out there the gas DOES NOT leak out of the plasma and they DON'T need to be recharged. The entire TV contains less than a thimblefull of gas. The downside of Plasmas is that you can get phosphor burn if the picture freezes for a long period of time or if you play a lot of Video Games where there are things like score boxes that are in the same place on the screen all of the time. Plasmas are best viewed in dark rooms. I have one in my basement which has very small windows and my friends frequently comment on the picture. It's a low end Element TV. 42 inch that only cost me $699. An LCD TV is what is know as a transmissive technology. The panel is made up of pixels of liquid crystal (LCD = Liquid Crystal Display). They have wires running to them and lights around the perimeter of the screen shine from the back allowing you to see the picture. If the lights didn't come on the picture would still be there, you just wouldn't be able to see it. The downside of an LCD is only if it is in a very bright room. The picture can get washed out. Samsung TVs have a much brighter picture because they had developed flat flourescent lights which they run behind the screen rather than having perimeter lighting. Also, Samsung makes all of the LCD panels that Sony put in their TVs. No, I don't work for Samsung, I just like their TVs and have researched their technology.

The downside to plasma displays is that they suck up a LOT of power as compared to an LCD display of comparable size, and they produce a lot of heat (which is wasted energy). Some communities have even banned the sale of plasma screens because of their power usage.

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A Plasma TV is created buy using a neon-xeon gas in glass that is sealed by plasma. To create an image, electric current is passed through the gas to make it light up. An LCD TV has two layers of a clear material that has the liquid crystals locked between the layers. A light source is need for the LCD to work since the crystals do not hold light. The light actives the crystals and the crystals emit colour.

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Q: What is the difference between a flat screen Plasma tv and a flat screen LCD tv?
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What is the difference between LED and LCD flat screen TV picture clarity?

They dpon't make LED screens yet just LCD and plasma screens.

What is the difference between vizio televisions and regular ones?

Vizio Televisions are normally HD or high definition. They can be plasma or LED, and are flat screen and wide screen. They are really nice tvs, and are usually cheaper.

What is the difference between a LCD and a plasma flat screen tv?

The main difference between plasma and LCD panels is the contrast ratio (deeper blacks the higher the ratio) and the viewing angles (the wider the angle you are to the actual screen, it usually gets worse). Plasma screens usually have better angle viewing and contrast ratio at the expense of a higher power consumption and lower native resolution than LCD panels.

Is there a difference between flat screens and flat panels?

Some people may use the terms flat screens and flat panel interchangeably, but they actually refer to two different things. The term "flat screen refers to a computer monitor or television screen that is flat, without curves. Thus, a CRT monitor could be refered to as "flat screen." A flat panel, on the other hand, refers to a computer monitor or television (LED and plasma) with a thin body.

What is the similarities between cathode ray tube and flat panel display devices?

there are not many similaritys between crt tvs and flat screen tvs the closed to a crt tv to flat screen technology is plasma tvs plasma tvs work in a similar way by having an electron hit a phosphorous screen which excites and produces light crt tvs work in a similar way

What name is used to describe flat screen liquid display monitors?

plasma screen

What can you compare a plasma flat screen TV against?

a wall

What is the short name for flat screen monitor?

there is not one. but here are some common flat screen types plasma lcd led

Can a flat screen monitor come in plasma types?

Yes, Samsung make plasma flat screen monitors one can use with a PC or games console. One can also use any modern plasma TV as a monitor if they want to.

What was the first plasma flat screen TV made?

it was made in 1990

What is the biggest size a flat screen plasma TV can be?

The biggest size a flat screen plasma is known to have is a hundred and fifty two sized plasma television. Panasonic is known for creating one of these televisions which has 3D capabilities included.

What country makes the Plasma Flat Screen TV?

china...they make everything