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William Ogburn defined family as a group of individuals bound together by biological ties, as well as emotional and legal ties. He emphasized the family's role in socializing children and providing emotional and financial support, contributing to the stability of society. Ogburn believed that the family serves as a fundamental unit of society, influencing individual behavior and cultural norms.

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Q: Family function according to William ogburn?
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William Fielding Ogburn died in 1959.

When was William Fielding Ogburn born?

William Fielding Ogburn was born in 1886.

What term was coined by sociologist William Ogburn?

Cultural Lag

William F Ogburn used what term to refer to the period?

cultural lag

When was Charlton Ogburn born?

Charlton Ogburn was born in 1911.

When was John Ogburn born?

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The sociologist responsible for coining the term cultural lag was William F. Ogburn. He used this term to describe the phenomenon where technological advancements outpace changes in societal norms and values, leading to social problems and conflicts.

When was Charlton Greenwood Ogburn born?

Charlton Greenwood Ogburn was born in 1882.

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What has the author W F Ogburn written?

W. F. Ogburn has written: 'A handbook of sociology'