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Frances AllenEdgar Allan Poe's foster mother was Frances Allan and his foster father was John Allan. She was known as Fanny.
Poe's foster mother was named Frances Keeling Valentine Allan.
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Edgar Allan Poe's foster mother, Frances Allan, died from tuberculosis in 1829. Her death had a significant impact on Poe, as he was very close to her and her passing worsened his already fragile emotional state.

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Poe's foster mother, Frances Keeling Valentine Allan, died of consumption (tuberculosis) on February 28, 1829. Frances Allan carried on with life but remained devoted to her foster son until she died. Poe never had an adopted mother nor step mother.

We honestly cannot be certain what caused the death of Frances Keeling Valentine Allan. The local newspaper called it a "lingering and painful" illness. She had been sickly even when they lived in England, and she could likely have had a similar condition even before the Allans took Poe in. Definitely, the most likely candidate is consumption, or tuberculosis. She died while Poe was in the US Army, and he was not able to return home until the day after her funeral.

Frances Allan died of tuberculosis in 1829.

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Poe's foster mother, Frances Keeling Valentine Allan, died on February 28, 1829. He did not have an adopted or step mother.

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in 1829

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Q: How did Edgar Allan Poe's foster mother die?
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What was Edgar poes name at birth?

Edgar Poe was probably his name at birth though there is no surviving birth certificate. After his natural parents died, he was taken in by foster parents John and Frances Allan. They had Poe baptized as Edgar Allan Poe.

Who were important woman in Edgar allan poes life and when did they die?

Important women in Edgar Allan Poe's life included his mother (died 1811), his foster mother Frances Allan (died 1829), and his wife Virginia Clemm Poe (died 1847). These women had significant impacts on Poe's life and work, influencing his writing and emotional development.

What was Edgar Allan Poe stories mostly about?

Poes stories were all about dead and misery

What are all of Edgar allan poes jobs in a lifetime?

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How did Edgar Allan Poes' mother die?

Edgar Allan Poe's mother, Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins Poe, died in 1811 of tuberculosis when Edgar was just two years old. Her death had a significant impact on Poe's life and influenced much of his writing.

How did Edgar Allan Poe's wife and mother die?

According to a family member, Edgar Allan Poe's natural mother, Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins Poe died of pneumonia. There is no history that Poe's natural mother died of tuberculosis as his wife later did.

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