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When the Ingalls moved to Winoka, SD, they found him there as a street orphan. The family grew attached to him, especially Charles, so when they moved back to Walnut Grove, they took him with them, and he became part of the family.

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Albert was an orphan whom the Ingalls family adopted after he ran away from an abusive home. Charles and Caroline Ingalls decided to take him in and provide him with a loving and stable family environment. Together, they went through various challenges and adventures on the show.

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Q: How did albert end up with the Ingalls on Little House on the Prarie?
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What is the fathers name in little house on the prarie?

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Who plays Albert Ingalls?

Albert Quinn Ingalls was played by Matthew Laborteaux.

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Albert Graham Ingalls died on 1958-08-13.

Did Charles Ingalls really adopt Albert?

In the "Little House on the Prairie" TV show, Charles Ingalls did adopt Albert. However, in real life, there is no evidence that the real Charles Ingalls, upon whom the show is based, adopted a boy named Albert.

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