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Yes, there are dozens of saints named Anthony. Below is a partial list:
Anthony Baldinucci
Anthony Bates
Anthony Battie
Anthony Cauleas
Anthony Daniel
Anthony Dich Nguyen
Anthony Fantosat
Anthony Fantosati
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Kauleas
Anthony Manzi
Anthony Manzoni
Anthony Mary Claret
Anthony Mary Gianelli
Anthony Mary Pucci
Anthony Mary Zaccaria
Anthony Page
Anthony Quynh Nam
Anthony Turner
Anthony of Egypt
Anthony of Froidemont
Anthony of Lérins
Anthony of Liaroles
Anthony of Padua
Anthony of Rome
Anthony of Saxony
Anthony of Stroncone
Anthony of the Desert
Anthony of Tuy
Anthony the Abbot
Anthony the Anchorite
Anthony the Great
Anthony the Pilgrim
Anthony the Roman Answer this question...

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Yes, there are multiple saints named Anthony in the Christian tradition. The most well-known is Saint Anthony of Padua, a renowned Franciscan preacher and teacher. Another prominent saint is Saint Anthony the Great, considered the founder of Christian monasticism.

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Q: Is there more than one Saint Anthony?
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Saint Anthony of Padua; Before exploring the image of Anthony and the Christ child, however, we should look at one of the popular stories explaining the origin of the custom. A good number of Franciscan historians, I believe, would advise us to approach the story as legend rather than as solid historical fact. According to one version of the legend-and there are many-there was a Count Tiso who had a castle about 11 miles from Padua, Italy. On the grounds of the castle the count had provided a chapel and a hermitage for the friars. Anthony often went there toward the end of his life and spent time praying in one of the hermit cells. One night, his little cell suddenly filled up with light. Jesus appeared to Anthony in the form of a tiny child. Passing by the hermitage, the count saw the light shining from the room and St. Anthony holding and communicating with the infant. The count fell to his knees upon seeing this wondrous sight. And when the vision ended, Anthony saw the count kneeling at the open door. Anthony begged Count Tiso not to reveal what he had seen until after his death. Whether this story be legend or fact, the image of Anthony with the child Jesus has important truths to teach us. (copied from

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