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Bob Cratchit's main flaws are his meekness and passivity in the face of mistreatment and exploitation by his employer, Ebenezer Scrooge. He also struggles with standing up for himself and demanding better working conditions or pay for himself and his family. Additionally, Cratchit's over-reliance on Scrooge for his livelihood makes him vulnerable to financial insecurity and prevents him from seeking out better opportunities.

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Q: What are Bob Cratchit's flaws?
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When was Bob Flaws born?

Bob Flaws was born in 1946.

Was Maud a person in Scrooge?

No, there was a Martha. She was Bob Cratchits eldest daughter

What is the name of Bob Cratchits youngest child?

His youngest child's name is Tiny Tim.

What will Scrooge do with the turkey in a Christmas Carol?

He purchases it and sends it to Bob Cratchits home on Christmas Morning

Why are the Cratchits relieved by the news of Scrooge's death?

They aren't. Now Bob Cratchit no longer has a job.

What are the Crachits?

The Cratchits are a fictional family in Charles Dickens' novella "A Christmas Carol." They are a humble and loving family, consisting of Bob Cratchit, his wife, and their children, including the youngest son, Tiny Tim. The Cratchits are used to portray the struggles of the lower class during Victorian England.

How does the Cratchit family react when Bob wants to drink to Scrooge's health?

The Cratchits were outraged that Bob wanted to drink to Scrooge's health because they knew that Scrooge was underpaying Bob as well as mistreating him

Whose house did the ghost take Scrooge to where there was a mother and children sitting around the fire?

It was bob cratchit's house following the death of tiny tim

What flaws did Scout describe about Atticus?

Atticus doesnt have many flaws but atticus lies to jem and blames jem for killing bob ewell.

What do the Cratchits want Martha to do just after she arrives?

To hide until Bob their father came home and they would tell him that Martha could not come home for Christmas

Who is the cratchits eldest daughter?

The Cratchits' eldest daughter is Martha. She works as an apprentice at a milliner's shop.

Where was the second place the second spirit and Scrooge visited in the christmas carol?

It was Bob Cratchits home where Scrooge sees what Bobs family think of him and learns, whoo bob is loyal and that Tiny Tim will not see the next Christmas if "things" do not change