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Anne Frank ate things like porridge, cabbage soup, potatoes, bread and other foods that were not very appetizing.

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While in the concentration camp, Anne Frank had to eat whatever limited rations were provided by the camp authorities. This typically included small portions of bread, soup, and occasionally a piece of fruit or vegetable. The food was scarce and often inadequate, leading to malnutrition and poor health among the prisoners.

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Cabbage soup, potatoes, vegetables, dry bread, and porridge are some of the things she ate. Her dad's friend Meip got the food for them from the Black Market. They also ate a lot of beans. Cooked lettuce is mentioned in the book as well.

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Anne Frank was in Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. It is noted that at Belsen there was no food or water available for the prisoners and many were already sick and dying. At Auschwitz it is said that prisoners were fed 3 meals a day: Morning - boiled water with tea or coffee grains with no sweetener; Noon - approximately a liter a an unappetizing soup made from potatoes, rutabaga, and small amounts of flour, rye, groats, and Avo food extract. Newcomers were often unable to eat it and if they did it was in disgust; Dinner - small portions of black bread with approximately 25 grams of sausage or margarine or a tablespoon of cheese or marmalade. This was supposed to be split to eat part for dinner and part for breakfast but the starving prisoners usually ate the entire portion at once.

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Anne Frank also ate things like, Beans, Cheese, Rice, and fruits while she was in hiding.

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they ate peas

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Q: What did Anne Frank eat while she was in the concentration camp?
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What type of illness did Anne Frank get while in the concentrations camp?

Anne frank got typhus which caused her death in the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen

When did Anne Frank get released from concentration camp?

she never did. she died while in captivity.

What age did Anne Frank die at?

Anne Frank died at the age of 15, and from this day, she is 67 years old, after death.

When anne frank went into a concentration camp?

she went into a concentration camp when her family was arrested in 1944

What did anne frank take with her into the concentration camp?


Explain the reason why Anne Frank died?

I believe she died of a Typhus infection while in a concentration camp.

Who made Anne Frank's book?

Anne Frank. Anne Frank's book was actually the diary she kept whilst in an concentration camp.

Who did Anne Frank marry?

Anne Frank did not get the chance to marry as she died in a concentration camp during the Holocaust at a young age.

What did Otto Frank do when he returned from the Concentration Camp?

He published Anne Frank's diary

What consontration camp did Anne Frank die in?

This is the current order of the camps anne frank went to....... 1. westerbork 2.auswitch 3.bergen belsen Anne frank died in bergen belsen a camp in lower saxony in northwester germany.

What happen to Anne frank after the concentration camp?

She died by a disease (typhus) in March 1945 while in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, a short time before the camp is liberated by the British Army.

Where did Anne Frank died?

Bergen-Belson a concentration camp