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In "Great Expectations", Mr. Wemmick, who is the clerk to Mr. Jaggers and takes Pip under his wing; refers to his father as "the Aged P" as well as "the Aged Parent" and sometimes "the Aged".

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Wemmick calls his father "the Aged P."

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Aged Parent

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Q: What does Wemmick call his father?
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Who is the Aged in Great Expectations?

The Aged in Great Expectations is a character named Wemmick's elderly father. He is known for being deaf and living a simple existence in the countryside where he spends his days gardening.

What is wrong with Mr. Wemmick's father?

he is deaf

What does Mr. Wemmick call his cannon?

"At nine o'clock every night, Greenwich time," said Wemmick, “the gun fires. There he is, you see! And when you hear him go, I think you'll say he's a Stinger."

Who does Mr. Wemmick want Pip to notice?

He walked among the prisoners like a gardener might walk among his plants.

From prior information, as well as from this passage, what does the underlined word in this passage refer toMr. Wemmick's birthmarkMr. Wemmick's mouthMr. Wemmick's coatMr. Wemmick's briefcase?

Mr. Wemmick's mouth

Evidence in this reading passage suggests which of these statements is trueMr. Wemmick did not like his job.Mr. Wemmick was a tall man.Mr. Wemmick liked to have tea in the afternoon.Mr. Wemmick was a short man?

Mr. Wemmick was a short man.

When was John Wemmick created?

John Wemmick was created in 1861.

Who lives in a replica of a castle in great expectation?

John Wemmick, Jaggers' clerk, lives in a replica of a castle with his father, the Aged P.

What place did wemmick take pip in Great Expectations?

I think the answer to your question is Newgate Prison. However, Wemmick also takes Pip to the Church where Wemmick gets married.

Where do Wemmick and Herbert decide to hide Magwitch in 'Great Expectations'?

Pip, Herbert and Wemmick decide the home of Herbert's sweetheart, Clara, is a safe place for Magwitch to hide until they find a ship on which he can escape. Clara cares for her crusty, bedridden father there and they consider that their best option.

What would best describe mr wemmick?

Mr. Wemmick is a practical and loyal clerk at Jaggers' law firm. He presents a stark contrast between his work and personal life, with a tough, businesslike demeanor at work and a kind, caring nature at home. He is known for his unique home, the Castle, and his devotion to his elderly father.

Who is the bride of John Wemmick in Great Expectations?

John Wemmick marries Miss Skiffins in "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens. She is a quiet and unassuming woman who works in the same office as Wemmick. Their relationship serves as a contrast to the more tumultuous and manipulative relationships depicted in the novel.