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Simulated annealing is a method that serves primarily to find optimal values of a given function in a search space. It chooses a new point and accepts all uphill points while some downhill points are accepted as well.

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Simulated annealing is a probabilistic optimization technique inspired by the annealing process in Metallurgy. It is used to find good solutions to problems with large search spaces by exploring a diverse set of potential solutions and gradually reducing the search space over time. The method involves iteratively adjusting the temperature parameter to balance exploration of new solutions with exploitation of promising ones.

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Q: What does simulated annealing mean?
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First, simulated annealing is a metaheuristic method, it need operators to carry out the changes in the solution, so there is no "simulated annealing alone", it is always coupled with other methods, the better the mix, the better the solutions generated. Second, except for very small instances, a VRP is hardly "solved" to optimality. Regardless, simulated annealing with very simple operators (such as inter-route change and insertion) does not give such good results.

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