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as far as i know THEY don't kiss in the anime, but someone does kiss ELIE (sorry that's how i always spell her name) Lucia the "blond demon" you probably know that already but you might not know they kiss in the manga at the very end.(it was hard for me at first to tell they were kissing so don't get mad at me)i think its the very last manga or issue of the series finish the chapter and you will find the inevitable.(ya probably knew this would happen cause ya seam smart)you can read manga like "rave master" at if you want the exact address cause you don't want to have to find it its sorry my explanation is so long just wanted all questions answered (by the way keep reading the issue at least until "page" 55 its a great page,LOL :P)

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Elie and Haru share their first kiss in Episode 175 of the anime "Rave Master." This moment is a significant turning point in their relationship and marks a key moment in the series.

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Q: What episode does elie and haru kiss?
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Does haru kiss elie?

In the manga "Rave Master," Haru and Elie share a few romantic moments, but they do not have a confirmed kiss scene. Their relationship is portrayed more as a strong bond of friendship and mutual respect throughout the series.

Does haru love elie from rave master?

Haru and Elie from Rave Master share a close bond and care deeply for each other, but their relationship is more about friendship and teamwork rather than romantic love. Their connection is built on trust, mutual respect, and a shared goal of protecting the world from evil forces.

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