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they kiss in episode 78, and 22

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Q: Which episode did yumi and ulrich kiss?
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Will Ulrich Stern and Yumi Ishyama kiss?

No, but in one episode they "nearly" kiss. and in another she kisses him

What episode in Code Lyoko Ulrich and Yumi kiss?

episode 22 routine :) hope it helps!

What is the episode of code lyoko in yumi tell ulrich she likes him?

um... they kiss twice but i say wait and see!

What episode did yumi sleep back to back with ulrich?

It's the episode where Yumi's parents are fighting, and he comes to her house to cheer her up. Then they convince them to come to their play, where laughing gas attacks them. So I think it's called "Laughing Fit"?

What episode in code lyoko did yumi saved ulrich at the pool?

Marabounta. Ep 36.Yumi doesn't actually save Ulrich in Marabounta, William does.

On code lyoko when did ulrich asked yumi out?

well in the first episode when there was a dance coming up ulrich decided to ask out yumi till they went back to the past and ulrich said yes

What episode does ulrich starts dating yumi?

ulrich and yumi clearly like each other but....they will not go out with each other because they say they are (just good friends)

Code lyoko yumi and ulrich kiss?

It's probably an unofficial relationship, but because they never made it clear I'm not really entirely sure. In Season 4, Episode 95, Echos they do talk about they're feelings for each other in somewhat way. Since they made it official that there will be a season 5 on and, They will probably get Ulrich and Yumi together to make things interesting. Maybe even find Odd Della Robbia a girlfriend! Make sure to keep watch though for season 5! ;-)

Do ulrich and yumi kiss?

Yeah. Sissi dates Ulrich and Yumi finds out but Ulrich goes over to her house and explains everything. The next day they go to Lyoko and they forgive each other and they kiss for like about 10 secs but then Aelita shuts down Lyoko and it's over.

Which couple is best Yumi Ulrich or Yumi William?

Ulrich and Yumi is definatly better than Yumi and William that's not really true because it is a matter of opinion , for example i like ulrich but think the yumi/william pairing is totally better

What episode did ulrich and sissy kiss?

Ulrich and Sissi share a kiss in the "Final Round" episode of Code Lyoko. This occurs in Season 1, Episode 25 of the series.

What Code Lyoko episode does yumi land on ulrich?

it is called lyoko minus one you con wacth it on youtube.