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Thomas Arthur Layton has written:

'Choose your cheese' -- subject(s): Cheese

'The Wine and Food Society's guide to cheese and cheese cookery' -- subject(s): Cheese, Cookery (Cheese)

'The Cheese Handbook; A Guide to the World's Best Cheeses, over 250 Varieties Described, With Recipes'

'Wines & castles of Spain' -- subject(s): Castles, Wine and wine making

'Wines of Italy'

'Five to a feast' -- subject(s): English Personal narratives, Gastronomy, World War, 1939-1945

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It appears there is no well-known author named Evro Layton in literary databases or publications.

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Evro Layton has written:

'The sixteenth century Greek book in Italy' -- subject(s): Greek Printing, History, Printing, Greek, Publishers and publishing

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Q: What has the author Evro Layton written?
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