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Feng. Jiang has written:

'Er tong wen xue gai lun'

'Wen rou chen yuan'

'Lu Xun lun er tong du wu' -- subject(s): Books and reading, Children, Children's literature, Chinese, History and criticism, Knowledge, Literature

'Xiang ai dao fen shou'

'Er tong wen xue man bi' -- subject(s): Children's literature, Chinese, History and criticism

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Jiang Feng has written:

'Zu xian zhi yi' -- subject(s): Ancestral shrines, History, Social structure, Kinship

'Zhongguo jian zhu wen hua zhi xi jian =' -- subject(s): Western influences, Architecture

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Feng Jiang is a Chinese author known for writing fictional works that focus on Chinese society and culture. Some of his notable works include "In the Name of the People" and "Tibet Code".

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Q: What has the author Feng Jiang written?
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