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Shiv Kumar Kumar has written:

'Cobwebs in the sun'

'Virginia Woolf and intuition' -- subject(s): English Psychological fiction, History and criticism, Intuition in literature, Knowledge, Psychological fiction, English, Psychology

'Trapfalls in the sky'

'The Bone's Prayer'

'Nude before God' -- subject(s): Protected DAISY

'The last wedding anniversary'

'Beyond love and other stories' -- subject(s): Social life and customs, Fiction

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K Shivaram Karanth, an Indian author, has written novels, short stories, plays, and essays in Kannada. Some of his notable works include "Mookajjiya Kanasugalu," "Marali Mannige," and "Chomana Dudi." He also received the Jnanpith Award, India's highest literary honor, in 1977.

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K Shivaram Karanth has written:

'Choma's drum'

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Q: What has the author K Shivaram Karanth written?
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K. Shivaram Karanth was born on 1902-10-10.

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K. Shivaram Karanth died on 1997-12-09.

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The first novelist to win the Jnanpith Award, which is India's highest literary honor, was K. Shivaram Karanth in 1977 for his contributions to Kannada literature.

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