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A paternal name is your father's last name, or his surname. Similarly, a maternal name is your mother's last name, known as her surname and her maiden name (it is her maiden name unless she kept her own name). Paternal and maternal refer to the two sides of your family, your paternal grandparents are your father's parents, and likewise for your maternal parents.

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A person's paternal name is their father's last name or surname. It is typically passed down from the father to their children as a family name.

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Q: What is a person's paternal name?
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"The man gave up his paternal rights when he walked out on his wife and his children."James was the name of my paternal grandfather.The paternal role in a child's life is the number one factor in having a safe and crime free society.

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Is your paternal name your last name?

Usually, yes it is. Your paternal name is your father's last name (or his surname) that you and your mother got from him. On a similar note, your maternal name is your mother's last name (also called a maiden name, and it is only called that if she kept her original last name). Maternal and paternalare words that describe which side of the family something is; so for example, your grandparents on your father's side would be your paternal grandparents, and the same for your mother's side of the family.

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