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In "The Happy Prince" by Oscar Wilde, satire is used to criticize societal values and institutions, such as the indifference of the rich towards the suffering of the poor. The story uses the characters of the Happy Prince and the Swallow to highlight these criticisms through their interactions and experiences. Wilde uses satire to highlight the contrast between superficial appearances and true compassion.

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Q: What is satire in the happy prince written by Oscar Wilde?
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What stood high above the city?

the statue of the happy prince - Oscar wilde the statue of the happy prince - Oscar wilde

When did Oscar Wilde wrote the happy prince?

Published in 1888

Who wrote happy prince?

If you are talking about Happy Prince and Other Tales then it is by Oscar Wilde.

How do you cit the happy prince by Oscar Wilde for bibliography page?

Wilde, O. (2007). "The Happy Prince." In The Complete Short Stories of Oscar Wilde, edited by John Sloan, 114-119. Ware, Hertfordshire: Wordsworth Editions.

What is the name of the Oscar Wilde piece written in jail?

"The Ballad of Reading Gaol" is a poem written by Oscar Wilde while in jail.

What is Oscar Wilde's forte?

Oscar Wilde was known for his wit and humor, as well as his ability to craft clever and insightful social commentary in his writing. His forte was using his sharp wit and satire to expose the hypocrisy and pretentiousness of Victorian society.

What is the symbol of the happy prince as a statue in The happy Prince by Oscar Wilde?

In "The Happy Prince" by Oscar Wilde, the statue of the Happy Prince is adorned with precious jewels and gold leaf, symbolizing wealth and opulence. It represents beauty, generosity, and selflessness as the Happy Prince sacrifices his own comfort to help the poor and needy in his city.

Who wrote the book The selfish giant?

It was written by Oscar Wilde.

What has the author Ernst Paulus Bendz written?

Ernst Paulus Bendz has written: 'Oscar Wilde' -- subject(s): Authors, Irish, Biography, Irish authors 'Oscar Wilde, a retrospect'

What is Oscar Wilde's nickname?

Oscar Wilde's nickname is "The Prince of Paradox" due to his witty and unconventional style of writing and his ability to challenge societal norms through his works.

Is Oscar Wilde single?

No, Oscar Wilde is not single.

What is the birth name of Oscar Wilde?

Wilde Oscar's birth name is Christopher Michael Norman.