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Unreasonable restraint on trade refers to actions or agreements that limit competition in a way that is not necessary to achieve legitimate business goals. This could include price-fixing, market allocation, or other anticompetitive practices that harm consumers and restrict free trade. Such restraints may violate antitrust laws and result in legal penalties.

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Q: What is unreasonable restraint on trade?
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What decision did the court reach in the United state vs standard oil co. set al?

The court ruled in favor of the United States and held that a business combination was illegal when it was engaged in unreasonable restraint to trade. This resulted in the breakup of Standard Oil into separate companies, all in competition with one another, effectively lowering prices.

Is conflict of interest the same as restraint of trade?


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In 1904 what did the supreme court rule as a combination in restraint and trade?

It was the Sherman Antitrust Act.

What has the author George Cyriax written?

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What was forbidden by the Sherman Antitrust Act?

It forbade mergers of companies that would result in restraint of trade.

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How did presidents Harding and Coolidge feel about laws that restricted businesses?

Their basic philosophy was that government should not meddle with business any more than was necessary to prevent monopolies and unfair restraint of trade.