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There isn't necessarily a problem in this diary, but Anne tells the story of her life and doing what normal girls do, but in a confined place. She uses her diary to express herself and her emotions. But going back to the question at hand, there were mainly problems related to relationships between the group. For example Anne Frank had a tumultuous relationship with the adults in the annex, particularly her mother, whom she considers lacking in love and affection. She adores her father, but she is frequently scolded and criticized by Mr. and Mrs. van Daan and Mr. Dussel. Another problem could be the reason why they were there: World War II.

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Anne Frank faced many challenges in her story, with one of the main ones being the fear and stress of living in hiding during World War II as a Jewish person in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam. She also experienced conflicts with the other residents in the Secret Annex and struggled with the restrictions and limitations of being cooped up for a long period of time.

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she was a Jew in Germany and all the Jews in Germany were being killed so she had to hide in an attic with loads of other people

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she had to hide for more than 3 years

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Q: What problem did Anne frank had in her story?
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How popular is Anne Frank?

Anne Frank's diary documented the story of a Jewish family hiding from the Nazi regime.

Can you watch a movie about Anne Frank?

Yes. There are multiple movies. "Anne Frank: The Whole Story" is one of the better ones, "Anne Frank Remembered" is the most factual one.

Who was the real Anne Frank?

She was a real person and her real name was Anne Frank, her story really happened just as she described.

Where did Anne Frank's brother go?

Anne Frank's brother, Otto Frank, survived the Holocaust and lived in Switzerland after the war. He dedicated his life to preserving Anne's diary and sharing her story with the world.

What are the release dates for Anne Frank The Whole Story - 2001 1-1?

Anne Frank The Whole Story - 2001 1-1 was released on: USA: 20 May 2001

What are the release dates for Anne Frank The Whole Story - 2001 1-2?

Anne Frank The Whole Story - 2001 1-2 was released on: USA: 21 May 2001

What was your reaction as you came to end of story anne frank?

I was very sad

Why should people read Anne Frank's diary?

people should read te diary of anne frank because it's a very good story:)

What is the resolution of the diary of Anne Frank?

The resolution of "The Diary of Anne Frank" is the liberation of the concentration camp where Anne and her family were held by Allied forces. Anne's father, Otto Frank, is the only surviving member of the family and later publishes Anne's diary, ensuring that her story lives on and educates future generations about the horrors of the Holocaust.

What values you from get this story of the diary of anne frank by Frances goodrich and albert hackett?

You learn about Ann frank and that's about it.

Who were the enemies who were attacking where Anne Frank lived?

The enemies that were mentioned through out the Anne Frank story are the German Nazi's who oppressed the Jewish and Polish population in World War Two.

What was Mr Frank's occupation in Anne Frank?

She was thirteen years old. She was a student and would have been starting the Dutch equivalent of the 7th Grade.Also she was a posthumously published writer if that helps you any.