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The Short Life of Anne Frank was created in 2001.

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"The Short Life of Anne Frank" is a biography book about Anne Frank, written by Gerrit Jan Vos in 2013. It provides a succinct overview of Anne Frank's life and the impact of her diary.

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Q: When was The Short Life of Anne Frank created?
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Adult life for Anne Frank?

Anne Frank had no "adult life"; she died as a youth.

Anne Frank a life of what?

Anne Frank had a life of depression and poverty, yet she always had HOPE.

Is Anne Frank's diary filled with life messages?

Yes, Anne Frank's diary is filled with life messages.

Songs that relate to anne Frank's diary?

Some songs that relate to Anne Frank's diary include "The Diary of Anne Frank" by Palisades, "Anne Frank" by Declan McKenna, and "Dear Anne" by Lil Wayne. These songs reflect on Anne Frank's life, experiences, and impact on history.

What kind of life did Anne Frank have?

Anne Frank's early life was pretty average. Her father held a good job and Anne Frank went to school and played with friends. However, her life ended in tragedy.

What is Anne Frank famous for?

anne frank is famous for writing a journal of her life and she was a Jewish girl.

Why was Anne Frank's life so short?

She was a Jewish child during Hitler's insane rule of Germany during WW2.

Who lost there life first Anne Frank or margot Frank?

Margot Frank: she died 2 or 3 days before Anne Frank.

What was Anne Frank's motto?

Anne Frank's motto was "Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy."

What did Anne Frank do to change America?

Anne Frank changed America by writing a diary of her life in WWII

Who wrote 'The Diary of Anne Frank?

'The Diary of Anne Frank' was written by Anne Frank, a Jewish girl who kept a diary while hiding from the Nazis during the Second World War. Her diary has become a widely read account of life during the Holocaust.

Where did Anne Frank live the first five years of her life?

Anne Frank lived the first five years of her life in Frankfurt, Germany.