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This occurred early in his life when the family dog was run over by a car and killed. Jack announced that he wanted to be called by the dog's name "Jacksie", which was shortened to Jack. IMHO it is much superior to "Clive", his real first name.

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C. S. Lewis changed his name to Jack to differentiate himself from other authors named Clive, his birth name. He preferred the nickname Jack and was known by it among his family and friends.

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Q: Why did C. S. Lewis change his name to Jack?
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Who wrote Chronicles of Narnia full name?

Clive Staples Lewis commonly referred to as C. S. Lewis and known to his family and friends as Jack (:

What is C.S. Lewis whole name?

Lewis Carroll's real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. As he was a deacon at Christ Church College, Oxford University, he is given the title Reverend, so his name is often given as Rev. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. He wrote books about mathematics using his real name.

What was C S Lewis nickname?

Clive Staples Lewis was often called "Jack".

What does the S stand for C. S. Lewis?

The initials stood for 'Clive Staples' but throughout his life Lewis was referred to by family and friends as 'Jack'. The reason for this was that when he was just four years old, the family dog (named Jacksie) was run over by a car. Young Clive decided then he would only be called Jacksie - and it was only as he grew older that his mother was able to cionvince him to at least change it to Jack.

How did C.S. Lewis get his nickname?

C. S. Lewis' nickname, "Jack", came from his childhood when his dog, Jacksie was hit and killed by a car. After the death of his dog, Lewis would answer to nothing other than "Jacksie" for a while, later this turned to "Jack".

What was c s Lewis's mum and dad called?

C.S. Lewis's parents were Albert James Lewis and Florence Augusta Lewis.

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What is the name of C S Lewis' biography?

The Creator Of Narnia

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