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It refers to a song from Handle, "Merry Blacksmith" as Pip is an apprentice blacksmith

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Herbert calls Pip "Handel" as a term of endearment because he struggles to remember Pip's name due to his forgetfulness and absent-mindedness. It is a playful nickname that highlights Herbert's friendly and affectionate nature towards Pip.

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Q: Why does herbert call pip handle?
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What did Herbert decide to call Pip?


What do Pip and Herbert call their new home?

the temple

How do pip and Herbert attack the problem of their debts?

Pip and Herbert attack the problem by cataloging their debts.

What secret did Herbert tell Pip?

Herbert reveals to Pip that Miss Havisham is his benefactor and that she has provided financial support for his education and career. This secret creates a stronger bond between Pip and Herbert.

What is ironic about Herbert's decision to change Pip's name to handle?

Georg Friederic Handel (1685-1759) was a famous German composerwho spent much time in England. Herbert first met Pip at Miss Havisham's. Pip used to sing songs there and pretend to be beating out the tempo with a blacksmith's hammer, as he did when assisting at the forge at home. I believe Herbert also called Pip "the musical blacksmith." I can't see any special significance, just a friend giving a friend a special nickname. Maybe Herbert thought the name Pip was inappropriate for someone who was to inherit a fortune and become a gentleman.

Who tended to Pip's burns?


Why does Pip life hard in London make things difficult for Herbert?

Pip's struggles in London put a financial strain on Herbert because he ends up shouldering some of Pip's expenses. Herbert feels obligated to support Pip because of their close friendship and loyalty to each other. Pip's financial instability and reckless spending habits contribute to Herbert's own financial difficulties.

Who gives Pip 900 pounds to help Herbert?

Abel Magwitch, the convict whom Pip helped as a young boy, is the one who gives Pip the sum of 900 pounds to help Herbert establish himself in business. Pip later learns that Magwitch is the source of his unexpected wealth.

Who did Pip and herbert decide to ask to assist in pips and magwitcha escape?

Pip and Herbert decide to ask Startop to assist in Pip's and Magwitch's escape. Startop was a close friend of theirs and was willing to help them in their time of need.

Who did fight in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens?

Herbert and Pip fought in the beginning of the story. Pip clearly won the fight, but when they meet again in England, Herbert apologizes for beating Pip up badly.

What is the money given to Herbert for in the Great Expectations?

The money given to Herbert is intended to help him establish his career, as he is Pip's close friend and Pip wants to support his success. This financial support allows Herbert to start a business and build a better future for himself.

In chapter 30 of 'Great Expectations' what does herbert warn Pip about?

Herbert warns Pip about the true intentions of Bentley Drummle towards Estella. He advises Pip to be cautious and not trust Drummle's motives, as he may not have Estella's best interests at heart. Herbert also warns Pip to be wary of Drummle's volatile and aggressive nature.