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paano mareset ang isang secret question kung nakalimutan muna ito?

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Q: Paano ma-i-re-reset ang iyong password sa yahoo kung nakalimutan mo ang secret question?
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You forgot your secret question and password gamezer?

How can I recover my XBox Windows Live ID email and password if I forgot my secret question?

Dont know what to tell you, the secret question is meant to find your password. I guess your screwed... no offense

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jetty01 password: secret answer: jetty canadagirl2000 password: secret answer:canada giggly12 password: secret answer: florida avajoan4456 password: secret answer: joan mollycoddles1 password: secret answer: molly zhangzong: password: secret answer: china

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Same problem *_*

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The secret password was Overlord.

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enable secret password supersedes the enable password.

What is wrong if I can not sign in because it keeps saying password is wrong or email address is wrong?

have you considered it may be wrong?Assuming that you have the correct email address, your passwordis probably wrong. Usually they tell you to click here ifyou forgot your password. They they ask you for your emailaddress and they send you the password by email.sometimes they ask you for the answer to the "secret question".Normally the secret question is chosen by you when you registeredfor the account. If you forgot the secret question, then you areprobably out of luck so you should just register all over again witha different account. It's no bid deal but you should write down youremail address, password and secret question and secret answer soyou won't have to go through all this hazzle in the future.

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the difference between the Enable Secret and the Enable password and that the Enable Secret password supersedes the Enable password if it's set.

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I think his password should be a secret because it is a password. Passwords are suppost to be secret!!!!!

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i am really not sure..but i really wanna know..if you figure it out answer it.... :)

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well you can use a secret question is what i have heard of

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The password is 456gollygosh8.