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Q: Can i pay my reinstatement fee at AAA?
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What is re-issuance fee in insurance?

This sounds like a reinstatement fee. A reinstatement fee is a fee for reinstating your policy if it has been cancelled for non-payment or some other reason.

Is there a penalty if you drive without paying your reinstatement fee?

If you haven't forwarded the fee, the odds are that your license is still suspended. ANYTIME you owe the government money and don't pay it, there's a penalty!

What is the monthly fee for AAA car breakdown protection?

AAA charges a basic annual membership fee for around $48 yearly. That price includes breakdown service, meaning you won't be left stranded along the road, and you won't have to pay for a tow. Get details at

Is there a registration fee to be in AAA motor club?

"There is a registration fee in the AAA motor club. Like most clubs for bug business the AAA motor club offers exclusive items that if there wasn't a registration fee, they would lose a lot of money."

Does a driving without a license ticket double if not paid on time?

There'll be a late fee - what it is typically varies by state - and your licence will go into an indefinite suspension period until the fine is paid, but you'll also have to pay a reinstatement fee for your licence, as well.

If you missed your crew assignment for the glen Helen work release program do you have to pay the 100 again?

If you miss your assigned day you have to go to Glen Helen and pay 20 dollars for missing, your allowed to miss 3 times, after that you have to pay 100 dollar reinstatement fee.

How can you get AAA roadside assistance?

In order to receive AAA roadside assistance, you have to be a member of the organization. This requires you to pay an annual fee. If you are a member, you can call the number on the back of your card and the operator will find a local company to provide you with roadside assistance.

Can you get the drivers license reinstatement fee waived or reduced?

Yes, you will need to pay any tickets that were on your record and fulfill all your reinstatement eligibility requirements. Then you will have to take the receipt and go the the traffic court with pay stubs, bills, lease, etc. to show your financial hardship and your reasoning behind not being able to pay. The judge will make a decision upon that information. I'm not for sure of the form but its like a SR-22 or something.

Do you have to pay for AAA to repair your car?

AAA doesn't repair cars, they tow them. You have to pay yourself.

If your license have being suspended you must do the following to reinstate your license?

Varies by jurisdiction. Typically, there'll be a minimum suspension period which must be carried out before your licence can be considered for reinstatement, and that'll require a hearing from the DMV. Once you're able to have your licence reinstated, you'll need to pay any necessary fines (typically, reinstatement fee + restoration of driving privileges fee), plus the cost of a new licence.

Is AAA membership a monthly or yearly charge?

AAA membership is charged as an annual fee. (On the other hand, AAA auto insurance is charged, periodically, over the course of a year.)

What do you need to do to get your drivers license back?

To get your drivers license back, you need to check your status to see when you are able to reinstate it. You then need to be approved for SR-22 auto insurance to show to the DMV,fill out an application, and pay a reinstatement fee.