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Bad tire, wheel bearing, bent wheel???

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Q: Have a loud noise and shaking in rear of carmaybe a strut?
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What makes a loud clanking noise in the back of the car on a 1995 Monte Carlo?

could be the rear strut bushings are bad.

What causes shaking and loud noise after accelerating?

that use to happen in my ford explorer and it was the transmission try to make sure you keep eye on fluids good luck

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Why do you hear a loud clunking noise from the left tire area when you drive your Chevy berretta?

You more than likely have a rear strut that needs to be replaced. Be sure to replace both rear struts when doing so. A strut is the shock absorber system on your fwd Berretta.

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What would make a loud clunk noise in a passenger side front tire when turning right?

After replacing the struts, CV joints, tie-rod ends etc....the noise is still there. I found it's actually the top strut bearing plate that wears out. They are available at some auto parts. ....this is the source of the noise....

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