Did Sasuke look feminine

Updated: 9/18/2023
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No, Sasuke did not look feminine in neither the manga or the anime.

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Q: Did Sasuke look feminine
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What does Sasuke's new eternal sharingan look like?

itachi's and sasuke combined

Does Sasuke look at play boy?

NO WAY (but some times he does cuz naruto makes him) but lets ask sasuke himself. so sasuke do you look at play boy sometimes?"well no cuz if i did then well ........that would be just gross seriosly... people who look at play boy alot ... GO F*** OF (but not for people who other people make them look at it)" so sasuke does not look at play boy YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY FOR SASUKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S PUGS ARE CUTE JUST LIKE SASUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Petite feminine or masculine?

Petite look feminine

Who look better kiba or Sasuke?

Sasuke looks way more better than kiba!

How would Sasuke look in real life from naruto?

In real life, Sasuke would probably look the same without the sharingan and less cartoony.

Is there a female Sasuke?

yes just look it up on images and you can see a female sasuke if not they probably took her of

Why did Orochimaru need Sasuke and what would he do to him?

orochimaru wanted to be in sasuke's body because he saw that sasuke had great power, but sasuke took advantage of the fact that orochimaru was weak and decided to fight him. sasuke defeated him and ran away to go look for itachi and kill him......

Is Sasuke cuter than Neji?

in my opinion NEJI!!!! but if it were in real life sasuke neji would look strange but not ugly

Who does Sasuke look like?

i think sasuke looks more like his mother, and that his older brother itachi looks more like their father.

Will Ino leave Konoha to search for Sasuke?

no. naruto will probably kill sasuke or bring him back to konoha, i don't think she needs to look for him.

If Sasuke obtains the Mangekyou Sharingan how strong will it be what will it look like and will Sasuke lose his curse mark?

of cousre not he needs both to kill itachi

What does the sasukes sharingan do?

*I'll only answer about Sasuke's Mangekyou Sharingan Sasuke can perform an early stage of Susano'o, he can do the Ameterasu (the Eternal Black Flames), and Tsukiyomi (powerful Uchiha Genjutsu). Sasuke will get the Eternal Mangekyou in the manga, but how it will look like and what Sasuke will be able to do is unknown