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It depends. If DNA is 50% AT and 50 % GC then the probability is that 4 base pairs will cut more frequently than 6 base pair cutters (the longer the piece of DNA the more probable). However, several caveats: 1) Depends on the recognition site of enzyme (may favor cutting at AT or GC rich regions). 2) Depends on the source of DNA which can vary significantly in GC content. An example of an exception, a 6 cutter recognizing a sequence composed only of A and Ts, cutting DNA of 36% GC content is predicted to cut approximately equally as frequently as a 4-base cutter that recognizes a 4 base sequence composed only of G and Cs (cutting the same 36% GC DNA).

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Q: 4 base paire cutters and 6 base pair cutters which of them will produced more fragment?
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