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Q: A strong fiber made from an Asian plant used to make rope sacks and mats?
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What does Nepal export?

clothing, carpets, leather goods, jute goods (a plant fiber used in making ropes or sacks), pulses (a legume), and grain

Who held a belief in a strong central government?

My Ball sacks

Vine lilac that is infested with spider egg sacks you used HotShot spider killer and now the plant is dead Did the poison kill the plant or did the spider sacks?

Spider egg sacks wouldn't kill a plant. I looked up the product you used and it specifically says not to spray it around people, pets, or plants. It was the Hot Shot that killed the plant.

What plant is used to make cloths sacks and ropes?

Jute is a plant commonly used to make cloth sacks and ropes. It is a natural fiber that is strong and durable, making it suitable for these purposes. Jute plants are primarily grown in countries like India and Bangladesh.

Where would you find pollen in a plant?

We will find pollen and pollen sacks on an androecium also known as stigma of a plant.

What are the adaptations that allow water buffalo horn plant to float on water?

air sacks

How do you know what a female plant looks like?

When the plant begins to flower it will either grow sacks (male) or hair like pistils (female)

What are nouns in ''sacks are made of jute''?

The nouns in "sacks are made of jute" are "sacks" and "jute."

How do you distinguish a female marjuiwanna plant from a male plant?

Female marijuana plants will throw pistils; paired nodes of 2 white hairs, usually within the first 14 days of beginning to flower. Males throw little sacks that look like balls that will eventually become pollen sacks.

What is the birth name of Joey Sacks?

Joey Sacks's birth name is Joseph Sacks.

What is the plural of sack?

sacks as in sacks of coal

What is the birth name of Brandon Sacks?

Brandon Sacks's birth name is Brandon Michael Sacks.