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There is a free biological age test at

It asks you about 140 questions, and then makes an estimate of your body's real age.

This test was the first available on the internet, and in my opinion is still the best available.

It also includes a shorter rate-of-aging test, to give you an idea of whether you are aging faster or slower than average

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Q: Biological age test you can take?
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Which chemical test shows the presence of an enzyme in a biological washing powder?

benedict's test

What is reverse agglutination?

test in which the biological fluid is tested for the presence of antigen

How long does biological weathering take?

Biological weathering can take months or even years! GO TWGGS science project !

How do you calculate biological age?

Here is a website that purports to calculate a biological age. They don't explain their methodology, but it seems to be calculated as something like: Your current age MINUS your personal life expectancy (estimated from your family history, health behaviors, etc.) PLUS the US life expectancy for a person of your age and sex . It is not clear how good the estimate of your personal life expectancy is, but my biological age is 10 years below my current age, so it must be right, right?

What is Biological age?

Your BIOLOGICAL AGE is the age that most normal people would be when they have a body and mind similar to yours. Compare this to your CHRONOLOGICAL AGE, which is the number of years you have been alive. Programs on the internet can calculate your Biological Age by asking questions about your · BMI (Body Mass Index) based on your weight and body fat · General health (especially digestion and immune system) · Outlook on life, mental health · Toxic load based on your diet, smoking, alcohol and the environment in which you live · Lifestyle including relationships, exercise and sexual habits If your chronological age is 44 and your biological age is 57, your health could stand improvement, because you would be a 44-year-old with the body of a 57-year-old. Of course, it can go the other way as well.

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