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The term "lazy eye" can be used to describe several different disorders, so the question is too vague to answer directly. One "lazy eye"condition, amblyopia, is not particularly responsive to treatment after 5-7 years old, and even less responsive in older ages. Others, such as strabismus (ocular misalignment) or ptosis (droopy eyelid), are often very amenable to treatment.

Surgery for adults is considered an elective surgery whereas many insurance companies may not pay for the surgery. However, that being said it is possible for some adults to get lazy eyes fixed. Currently such hospitals as University of Michigan Medical Center are doing such surgeries both at their facility and at the Ann Arbor VA Hospital.

According to the web site, ..."it now appears that older children and even adults with long-standing lazy eye can benefit from amblyopia treatment using computer programs that stimulate neural changes leading to improvements in visual acuity and contrast sensitivity.

One such program - called RevitalVision - has produced improved vision in older children with lazy eye and adults with long-standing amblyopia. The treatment generally consists of 40 training sessions of 40 minutes each, conducted over a period of several weeks.

In one clinical study of 44 amblyopic children and adults ranging in age from 9 to 54 years, 70.5 percent of the participants had a visual acuity improvement of 2 or more lines on a standardized eye chart after a full regimen of RevitalVision training sessions.

Currently, RevitalVision is the only FDA-approved computerized treatment for amblyopia. The program is approved for individuals age 9 and older with best corrected vision of 20/100 or better and little or no strabismus.

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A lazy eye (or Amblyopia) is most easily corrected from a young age, if it's related to the need for prescription glasses. If it's cause by an eye turn, it's much more difficult to correct. Studies have shown that as children age, it becomes more difficult to correct. Most studies show reduced ability to correct a lazy eye after about age 12, but slight improvements have been shown into the late teen years. Beyond that, it's very doubtful that any improvements can be made.

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Q: Can Lazy eye can be corrected at any age?
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What is lazy eye?

A lazy eye is when it turns out or in when the other one is still looking forward. It can sometimes be corrected at an early age by patching the good eye so the muscle in the lazy eye becomes stronger. Our son had to have his surgically straightened. Just because the eye is lazy doesn't always mean the vision is compromised.

What are treaments for lazy eye?

There are a number of What are treatments for lazy eye. The common methods includes encouraging the use of the eye and diagnosing any underlying eye problems among others.

Can you fix a dogs lazy eye?

A dogs lazy eye can be fixed by putting a patch over the strong eye. this will force to dog to use its weak lazy eye and will make it stronger and hopefully straighten its eye.

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What does lazy eye do?

The impairment of vision in the lazy eye occurs in three phases. In the first (suspension) phase, the brain turns the weaker eye on and off. In the second (suppression) phase, the brain turns off the lazy eye indefinitely.

How can eye disorders be corrected?

Surgery and glasses.

Can you get a lazy eye fixed?

Before adulthood, a simple surgery can get a lazy eye fixed. In cases where a lazy eye is caused by the difference in the refractive error between both eyes, a lazy eye can be targeted with a surgery in adulthood as well. But in other forms of adult lazy eye, surgery isn't as helpful. Instead, a novel vision therapy, which is FDA approved and proposed by Revitalvision, can help fix a lazy eye within 30 training sessions using a computer program.

Does everybody have a lazy eye?

No, Amblyopia (commonly known as "lazy eye") affects only an estimated 1-5% of people.

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