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You can break the hymen but loosing your virginity can only happen if you have sexual intercourse.

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No, performing the splits does not impact a person's virginity. Virginity is typically defined as the state of never having engaged in sexual intercourse. It is not determined by physical activities such as doing the splits.

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Q: Can girl lose virginity by doing the splits?
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How did John Lennon lose his virginity?

When he met a special girl....

Why can't a girl lose virginity whlie masturbatin?

because ''virginity'' is defined as when a girl actually has sex with someone....girl or boy....with another person basically.... :P

Does ray ray want to lose his virginity to anyone?

yes he is not cute but girl are going to want him

Can you lose your hymen by doing the splits?

Well... I've heard that ballerinas and gymnasts can lose their hymen from splits. So yeahhh I think so. I'm a ballerina myself and I haven't have sex yet, so maybe?

Can You Lose your viginty by going hourse riding?

"virginity" can only be lost by penile penetration to the vagina. you CAN, however, lose your hymen while doing various things (horseback riding, bike riding, gymnastics, etc). but that does not mean you lost your virginity.

Could a girl lose her virginity if penis is not entered completely?

Not all of it has to be in but he has to pass the vaginal muscle, the entrance, for it to count as intercourse. Only through intercourse does it count to loose your virginity.

When does a gay girl lose her virginity?

Virginity is a social construct that can mean different things to different people. For some, it may be defined by heterosexual vaginal sex, while for others, it may be any sexual experience. It is up to the individual to determine when they feel they have lost their virginity.

Can you lose your virginity after touching yourself with something?

The only way to lose your virginity is if you have penetrative inter-coarse with another person.

If you are a 14 year old girl and have double ds what is wron g?

Nothing, just be prepared to lose your virginity in the near future!

Did Bryan Breeding lose his virginity?

no he did not

Who did dougie poynter lose his virginity to?


If a virgin has I.V.F treatment and get pregnant is she a virgin?

Of course! You can only lose your virginity by having sex. There needs to be penetrating to lose your virginity.