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I have chronic renal failure and my kidneys only function at 29-30%. Will Instaflex have any adverse reaction to my kidneys?

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Can instafelx be used by a chronic kidney disease patient?

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Q: Can instaflex be used by a chronic kidney disease patient?
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If a ckd patient has 2.3 creatinine level what is his condition?

Chronic Kidney Disease

What does CKD stand for?

Chronic Kidney Disease

What is bilateral renal function?

Bilateral Renal Function is a chronic kidney disease. It is identified by a blood test for creatinine. thee are five stages of chronic kidney disease.

Can chronic kidney disease get better with honey and cinnamon?

Chronic kidney disease should not be treated with honey and cinnamon. It is unlikely that they will hurt your kidneys, but they won't really help it either.

What diseases or conditions besides Wilson's disease cause asterixis?

Chronic kidney disease

How do you treat kidney disease?

Chronic kidney disease is often treated with dialysis. It is manageable but not reversible.

The DASH diet plan was devised to prevent?

Chronic kidney disease

What is chronic kidney disease?

"Chronic" just means long term. Not necessarily "life threatening" or "life shortening". Hence most forms of kidney diseases would be described as "chronic".

What are acceptable potassium levels in a patient with chronic kidney disease?

"Whenever possible, an acceptable potassium level (less than 5.5 mEq per L [5.5 mmol per L]) should be obtained before surgery is performed in a patient with chronic kidney disease." Helpful links for detailed follow-up info:

Who is kidney transplantation performed on?

Kidney transplantation is performed on patients with chronic kidney failure, or end-stage renal disease (ESRD).

How did Alfred Hitchcocks father die?

He died of chronic emphysema and kidney disease

What causes the symptoms of chronic renal failure in cats?

CAUSES OF CAT KIDNEY DISEASE Cat Chronic Kidney Failure- A variety of chronic conditions causing exaggerated, abnormal and/or immune reactions can result in Feline Chronic Kidney Disease and failure. Chronic Dental Disease Chronic bacterial and viral infections Chronic skin allergies Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and hormonal disorders like Diabetes Mellitus Blood pressure abnormalities: too high or too low