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carotenoids: absorb blue- violet chlorophyll: absorb red and also blue-violet

reflect red-yellow reflect green

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Carotene reflects orange light. They are responsible for the color of carrots, sweet potatoes, and the insides of cantaloupes.

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yellow and or orange

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Q: Chlorophyll reflects which color of light?
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What color of light is reflected by chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll reflects the green portion of the visible light spectrum, this is why most plants appear green in color

What color does chlorophyllr reflect?

Chlorophyll reflects green light. That is why plants look green!

The green color of leaves is due to the presence of what pigment?

chlorophyll- and their green because that is the wavelength of light that the pigment reflects the most

What wavelength of light does chlorophyll a reflect?

There are 2 different types of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll "a" absorbs light in the violet and red regions of the visible spectrum while chlorophyll "b" absorbs light in the blue and red regions of the visible spectrum.

What color does chlorophyll mostly reflects?

It reflects green cause it absorbs red.

What is chlorophyll responsible for?

It is the part of a molecule that is responsible for its color. When a molecule absorbs a wavelength of visible light and reflects or transmits others, this is when the molecule's color will appear.

Leaves are green because?

The pigment chlorophyll present in the chloroplasts of its mesophyll cells reflect the green spectrum of the light, hence, a green leaf looks green.

The color of an opaque object is the same as the light that is?

...reflected off of it. For example, leaves appear green as their pigment (chlorophyll) only reflects the wavelength of green light.

What pigment reflects orange yellow and red and absorbs the other colors to provide energy for photosynthesis?

Chlorophyll reflects red and yellow light.

What is chlorophyll's importance in photosynthesis?

Chlorophyll helps to the plants absorb the light (reflects only the green light, all the other light it absorbs).

What is the color of light not reflected by chlorophyll?

Any but green, mostly red and blue are absorbed by chlorophyll.

What color light does the chlorophyll in plants absorb best?

chlorophyll reflects green in color because it absorbs red color than any other at higher wavelengths. as green is the complimentary color of red it appears green in color