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An individual with type (O) blood will have different dietary requirements than say someone who has type (A) or (AB) blood. Depending on her needs you may have to make her separate dishes accordingly.

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Q: Diet plans and people with type blood O.?
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What is blood group a, and how does it affect me?

People with type A blood type are prone to more diseases then any other blood type. Type A can flourish with a vegetarian diet. Type A is sensitive to crowds of people, loud noise, negative emotion, smoking, strong smells, to much sugar, overwork, violent movies, lack of sleep, and extreme weather.

I have blood type A, and I know that somehow type A is different from the other types, but I would like to know what they are.?

If you have blood type a you can donate blood to other people who have type a blood and to people who have type ab blood. People with type a blood are said to have thicker blood than the other blood types.

Where can I find a blood type diet list?

There are several sites online that provide listings for blood type diets with specific food lists available. These sites often use words such as "blood type diet' or 'blood type diet lists' and show the specific food list categories for Type O, Type A, Type B, and Type AB blood.

What is the rarest type of blood?

The rarest type of blood is O. people with O type blood can donate blood to anybody and there are very few people that have this blood type. It is extremely rare.

What do blood type percentages measure?

Blood type percentages refer to the number of people with a specific blood type within a population. For example in the United States, Hispanic people have a relatively high number of people with blood type O, at the same time Asian people tend to have a higher percentage of people with type B blood.

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Are blood type diet plans scientifically legitimate?

The creator of the Blood Type diet touts that it is legitimate and good for you. Others are critics of the diet and say that it doesn't matter what you eat, as long as you eat healthy.

What is the best diet for my blood and me?

It all depends on what your actual blood type is, but there is all kind of diet plans out there for blood types. You should really try Eat Right for Your Blood Type, it has great reviews and is easy to follow.

Is there a diet determined by a blood type of a positive?

There is a diet for people with type a blood. The suggestion for people with type a blood is to focus on eating vegetarian and seafood. has a list of reccommended foods.

What is a blood type diet?

blood type diet is a diet based on your blood type. From the Afghan Beast

Where can I purchase a book by Peter Adamo about blood type diet plans?

There are many blood type diet plan books by Peter Adamo that can be bought at Barnes and Noble or through Amazon. These books include, Eat Right 4 Your Type, Cook Right 4 Your Type, Live Right 4 Your Type, The Blood Type Diet Encyclopedia, The Genotype Diet and Eat Right 4 Your Baby.

what is a safe blood type diet plan?

Well before you start a blood diet plan you must find out what your own blood type is. You can then figure out exactly what sort of diet you should have, by search up good diet plans online. After that you will start loosing weight quickly and be safer from chronic diseases.

What are some diets made for people who eat based on their blood type?

The drlam website is great for people looking to diet around their blood types. It has a great blood type diet table that informs you on what you should and should not eat with your blood type.

What is blood type a?

blood type diet is a diet based on your blood type. From the Afghan Beast

Is there a specific blood type O diet for me?

There is a book by Peter D'Adamo that outlines special diets by blood type. There are differences in diet, for example, people with type O blood should not eat much dairy, but people with type B blood should eat dairy.

Does a special diet exist for people who are blood type o positive?

Generally speaking a healthy well maintained diet is good for everyone. Ones blood type does not determine what type of diet would be beneficial to them. Dieting has more to do with body type and metabolism not blood type.

Are there diet resticitions to type B blood?

There are no diet restrictions based on blood type. You can eat any type of foods that you like. Leafy green vegetables are very nutritious and are a great choice for people with any blood type.

What is the blood types diet and is it effective?

The blood type diet is a diet based on a specific type of food for a specific type of blood. For example, a person with type A blood should eat an organic vegetarian based diet.