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No. There are some people that have one or bones than most others, but most all humans, both males and females have the same pair of 12 ribs.

No. The Bible simply states that God used one of Adam's ribs which of course did not change his genetic code in any way.

No, they both have a pair of twelve. The idea that a man or a woman has more that the other comes from the idea that if Eve came from a rib of Adam's then somehow one or the other of them must have ended up with more. The reality is that males and females each have the exact same number of vital organs (heart lungs kidneys etc.) therefore, of course we have the same ribcage to protect them.

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No. During medieval times, it was commonly assumed that men had one less rib than women, because of the creation story in Genesis chapter 2. Medieval reasoning was that it was not necessary to physically count people's ribs because the Bible was inerrant. However, men and women really do have the same number of ribs.

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Q: Do males have one rib less than females?
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