Do organisms decay quicker whit more sunlight?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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Decreased organic decay and decomposition in winter is due to the fact that the organisms causing decay (bacteria, fungi, insects) either cannot survive the low temperatures, or they become sluggish or dormant. When the temperatures rise, they become active.

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yes they do because have you seen a rotten fruit well it kinda works the same.

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Q: Do organisms decay quicker whit more sunlight?
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Why does a rainforest have more organisms than a desert?

Because a desert is dry and only certain animals can live their where as a rainforest has rain and sunlight and food that organisms can live with

How does soil organisms effect soil?

First answer: by its shape Second answer: Beneficial soil organisms promote the decay of dead vegetable matter and animal matter, breaking them down to minerals that plants need to grow. Thus beneficial soil organisms make soil more fertile. Harmful soil organisms have the opposite effect, however, producing a stench in wet soils without proper drainage and making them acidic and unfertile.

What are the characteristics of organisms?

The characteristics of organisms are:Reacts with its surroundingsMovesThey change,or develop,during life timesOrganisms are made upof one or more cellsThey use energy to do work or cause change. Example:Plants use sunlight to make food.All organisms have features that help them adapt to their surroundings. Example: Chameleons change color to help blend in with their environment and to hide from predators.They can produce more organisms of their own kind such as elephants or any other kind of animal or plants that grow more of their own kind too.

Are there more unicellular or multicellular organisms in the world?

There are more unicellular organisms in the world. eg:- bacteria

All organisms are made up of one or more what?

All organisms are made up of one or more cells. Organisms are a contiguous living system, such as plants and bacteria.

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Would an equally wet black short dry quicker than a white one?

Yes because black absorbs more heat than white therefore making the black one get more sunlight quicker so it dries quicker.

How do organisms compete for sunlight?

It is usually trees that compete for sunlight. The taller trees get more of the sunlight while the trees under it do not get as much because the taller trees are blocking the sunlight

Why does alpha and beta decay more commonly occur in radioisotopes?

Because the less protons are in an atom the quicker it decays.

What happens to organisms that use photosynthesis do not get sunlight?

They can't do photosynthesis any more. DUHHHH

Why does a rainforest have more organisms than a desert?

Because a desert is dry and only certain animals can live their where as a rainforest has rain and sunlight and food that organisms can live with

Why the fossil records is not complete?

organisms tend to decay before becoming a fossil. animals with hard parts are preserved more easily. geological processes may destroy fossils.

Why do fewer organisms live at the bottom of a deep lake than at the top because?

There isnt as many food sources. More plants and fish live at the top becuase there is sunlight. And when there is sunlight there is food.

Is decay a useful chemical reaction?

The decay of dead organisms in the soil makes the biochemical constituents of that organism more readily available for use by plant life; in other words, it turns dead things into fertilizer, and is a form of recycling. Therefore, it is useful.

How could you type quicker?

you can type quicker if you practice more

Why do grass cuttings decay faster in summer than in winter?

a plant needs photosynthesis to grow.and to do the photosynthesis process it needs sunlight and in winter there is not much sunlight..this is how plants get food ..i think that's the reason..hope this helped.. :) Close, but not close enough. Below is a more "scientific" answer. The temperature during the summer is warmer, and therefore much more suitable for the grass to grow than during the winter. During the winter, temperatures drop to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the freezing point of water, or even lower than that. With the water in the blades of grass frozen, the grass cannot get the nutrients it requires to thrive, and thus dies.

Do you get more or less direct sunlight at the equator?

you get more direct sunlight at the equator

Is more quicker fall correct English?

No, it is incorrect. The correct terms are just 'quicker' or 'more quickly'.