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Plant cells carry on photosynthesis, but they do not carry on respiration.

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Q: Do plant cells carry on respiration and photosynthesis?
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Do plant cells or animal cells carry on cellular respiration?

animal cells carryon cellular respiration. plant cells carry out photosynthesis which is the opposite of respiration.

What are the difference of mitochondria and chloroplast?

mitochondria are in animal cells and carry out cellular respiration and chloroplasts are in plant cells and carry out photosynthesis

What is the relationship between photosynthesis respiration and plant cells?

The relationship is simply that plant cells perform the process of photosynthesis respiration.

Do all cells of a plant carry out photosynthesis?

No,not all cells carry out photosynthesis.

What is organelle that carry out cellular Respiration an photosynthesis?

Cellular respiration and photosynthesis are processes carried out in separate organelles within the cell. Cellular respiration occurs within mitochondria present in all living cells - both plant and animal. Photosynthesis occurs within the chloroplasts of plant cells only.

Do plant cells and animal cells carry on cellular respiration?

Yes, both carry cellular respiration, but plants perform in such small amounts, it's often overlooked due to the amount of photosynthesis they do.

Do plants cells or animal cells carry out cellular respiration?

Yes. Plants and animals need energy. Energy must therefore be made in the cells.No, only animal cells carry on cellular respiration.animal cells carryon cellular respiration. plant cells carry out photosynthesis which is the opposite of respiration.

What organelle carries out cellular respiration in plants?

Plant cells don't carry out cellular respiration. Only photosynthesis. However, the organelle that carries out cellular respiration in animal cells is the mitochondria.

Are plant cells capable of photosynthesis?

Plant cells are capable of photosynthesis. Plant cells contain chloroplasts that carry out photosynthesis in order for the plant to make its own food.

Do plant or animal cells Carry out cellullar respiration?

Both plant and animal cells have mitochondria and thus can preform cellular respiration. Only the plant cell, through photosynthesis, can supply it's mitochondria internally, so to speak.

Do all living organisms carry out respiration?

Animal cells depend on respiration to make ATP. Plant cells depend on photosynthesis to make ATP. So no, not all organisms are dependent on respiration. Edit: sorry, forgot that plant cells actually have a mitocondrion, which means they also carry out respiration. Anyway, prokaryotic cells (Backteria Cells) do not have a mitocondrion, so they don't respirate.

Do plant cells need photosynthesis?

plant cells need photosynthesis and respiration to create energy for cell work, reproduction, and repairs.

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