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DNA polymerase

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DNA Polymerase

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Q: Enzyme used to position nucleotides during DNA replication?
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What enzyme connects nucleotides together during DNA replication?

The Ligase connects nucleotides together during DNA replication.

What chemical is an enzyme that add nucleotides to a new strand of DNA during replication?

DNA Polymerase is the enzyme which adds new nucleotides during replication.

Which enzyme assembles the complemetary nucleotide base during replication?

It's the DNA polymerase that catalyzes the formation of phosphodiester bonds between the nucleotides during replication.

What enzyme is used to join DNA nucleotides?

In DNA replication, DNA polymerase III is the enzyme which joins the DNA nucleotides together via phospodiester bonds.DNA Ligase is the enzyme that seals gaps in DNA during DNA Replication.DNA Ligase is the enzyme that seals gaps in DNA during DNA Replication.

During replication what is the function of the enzyme DNA polymerase?

DNA polymerase are enzymes that form bonds between nucleotides during replication.

What happens During replication DNA .?

During DNA replication the following occurs: 1) An enzyme called helicase separates the DNA strands (the space where they separate is called the replication fork). 2) DNA polymerase adds complementary nucleotides to the separated strand of DNA. 3) The DNA polymerase enzyme finishes adding nucleotides and there are two identical DNA molecules.

What enzyme assembles the complimentary nucleotide bases during replication?

THat would be the enzyme DNA Polymerase III which attaches free floating nucleotides to the parent strand. But remember, they can only be attached to a free 3' position!

What enzyme attaches nucleotides together by forming phosphodiester bonds between sugar and phosphate molecules during DNA replication is known as?

D. DNA polymerase :)

How would you describe the polymerization of nucleotides?

The polymerization of nucleotides occurs in nature by a process called replication. Generally, nucleotides don't self-assemble unless there is a template to assemble onto. So, during replication, the template strand is 'read' by the polymerase (an enzyme) and then it recruits and adds nucleotides onto the growing strand by forming bonds between the 5' carbon of one nucleotide and the 3' of the other.

What is the function of DNA polymerase?

DNA polymerases are the enzymes responsible for joining DNA nucleotides together. In Prokaryotes - DNA Pol III is the enzyme which adds nucleotides to the new strand during DNA replication. DNA Pol I is responsible for replacing the primers with DNA nucleotides.

The enzyme that connects the fragments ( Okazaki fragments) are called?

DNA ligase is the enzyme responsible for connecting the Okazaki fragments on the lagging strand during DNA replication. It catalyzes the formation of phosphodiester bonds to join the individual nucleotides together.

The enzyme that adds new nucleotides to each side of a replicating DNA molecule is?

DNA polymerase 1,2,3 are enzymes involved in adding nucleotides during replication